HIV-infected people


Leaders of the project
"Help for HIV-infected people in St.-Petersburg":

Elena Staritsina

The project's activities take place
in the public clinic "Botkin"

Address ("Olivia" group): 136 Nevsky prospect,
St. Petersburg
Phone: +7 981 931 04 41

Help for HIV-infected people in St.-Petersburg

The work on rendering assistance to HIV-infected people in “Caritas St.-Petersburg” began in the year 2003. First it was just a group for mutual aid of women, who caught infection by having unprotected sex.

The group actions are – the psychological help, pilgrim trips, visiting of theaters, entertainment in the spare time and Bible studying. There is a material help for women when needed (products, medicines, vitamins). The address, where the group meets: St.-Petersburg, 36 Nevskij prospect (in the building of the catholic St. Catherine church). Developing the palliative help for HIV-infected people, employees of the project organize now service of the room help. This new and difficult business, but this kind of help becomes more and more vital.

The project works for prevention also: three years long we organize and support a volunteer student's group "Hope" at the N.A.Nekrasov teacher training college. Participants of group teach children after school classes at school or in Caritas children's projects, what is a healthy way of life.

The vital part of the project is to support of the AIDS- and HIV-infected, who are in a Botkin hospital. 4 times a week Caritas volunteers render to patients of hospital psychological, spiritual and material help.