Work for volunteers

Работа для добровольцев

The activities of Caritas include 
all people in need, regardless of their ethnicity, 
nationality, religion, social status 
and other features

In fact we have many charitable services, which foreign volunteers can participate in. For example, you could participate in our Home Care Service. A volunteer is supposed to care for a person with special needs in his home environment. The home care services might include personal care, such as help with bathing or getting dressed; homemaking, such as cleaning work and laundry; cooking or delivering food products.

Another Caritas Service is a Shelter for Physically Disabled People who are getting older, are chronically ill, recovering from surgery or disabled.

We run a range of children's care projects, e.g. a Social Youth Club "Ostrovok" ("Little Island").

Another possible working field is doing some translating works in the office of Caritas.

The volunteering with our services is a very serious solution and a large responsibility. Our activities are sometimes connected with heavy physical work (for example, in the Shelter for the Physically Disabled). Besides, the volunteers get close personal relations to the persons whom they care for. If a volunteer for any reasons suddenly terminates his work, it can hurt the person he has cared for.

The feature of our activities is that the volunteer have to communicate very much. The needy people often do not consider, whether the volunteer is a foreigner or not. They just need help. Therefore, a basic knowledge of Russian is required.

Those foreign volunteers are preferential for us, who aim to social work first of all and only then to an opportunity to learn Russian.