(Russian) Фонд Президентских грантов

Today in Russia there are many unsolved social problems. Deprived of a guaranteed government support, a man is left alone with his problems. The problems are getting complicated if the person is alone or lives in a family that can neither understand him nor accept his pain. This person needs help of people who could share his pain and help him solve his problems. The compassion is in human nature, and now more and more people feel the need to help their neighbors.

Mercy, charity, welfare, philanthropy, and patronage – there are concepts and phenomena that have been almost forgotten during the Soviet era. But since more than 20 years, they return to our lives back, slowly but naturally.

Not only the people involved in charity work perceive the need for an active participation in overcoming social injustice, but all citizens. It offers new opportunities and contributes to the development of new social and civic initiatives. The voluntary and unselfish work is seen as an opportunity to participate in social life. In this regard, the volunteering means taking personal responsibility for others and for the community as a whole.

Volunteers demonstrate a desire to work, to be needed for other people and their country, a willingness to serve people in need.


Dear friends,

we need your hands and hearts!